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Vancouver homes, British Columbia, is recognized for numerous things but below are the top six things it is most famous for.

1 Its Beauty

One of the best well-known things about Vancouver is its physical beauty. Surrounded by snowy mountains and deep blue sea, Vancouver is stunning; when the sun is shining, it is truly a sight to behold. If you are visiting Vancouver, you can appreciate the scenery on a 

boat ride or admire the view when on a sightseeing cruise, or while you dine at one of Vancouver's finest restaurants.

2 Its Livability

Vancouver houses are so famous for being one of the world's most livable cities that it is often mentioned as one of the best examples whenever livable cities are discussed. Vancouver came in at number 5 on Mercer's Top 10 Cities list in 2016 and number 3 on the Economist's Global Liveability Ranking in 2015. Still, Vancouver has been on everyone's top ten lists for over an era.

3 Landmark: Stanley Park

The famous landmark in Vancouver is Stanley Park. Situated on the Downtown Vancouver peninsula and covering over 400 hectares, Stanley Park entices both tourists and locals with its various attractions, including the famous Seawall, a cemented pathway for biking, running or walking that runs around the park's rocky coastline and the Stanley Park Totem Poles, one of the most-visited attraction in Vancouver, British Columbia. Moreover, the park is also home to hiking trails, beaches, and the Vancouver Aquarium.

4 Local Seafood and Salmon

Vancouver is well-known for its fresh, local seafood, mainly, it is salmon. Pacific Northwest salmon and BC salmon is exported to every part of the world. Still, it is best when you get to enjoy the salmon here in Vancouver, fresh from the boat. Canadian sablefish, Local halibut, and BC Spot Prawns are also incredibly delicious and popular in Vancouver. You can taste the finest local seafood and salmon at Vancouver's top seafood restaurants and sushi restaurants.

If you genuinely love salmon, plan a trip to Steveston Village in Richmond, the city just south of Vancouver, British Columbia. Steveston was once the salmon capital of the world and till date offers tours of its historic cannery and heritage boats. On July 1, Canada Day, Steveston Village celebrates its legendary Salmon Festival, where over 1200 pounds of wild salmon filets are grilled over an open fire.

5 Outdoor Recreation

If you love outdoor refreshment and adventures, then Vancouver should certainly be on your must-visit list. Since Vancouver is close to both mountains and ocean, it is known for offering every type of adventure, varying from snow sports and skiing in the winter to water sports and kayaking in the summer, and camping, hiking, and biking throughout the year. You can also enjoy fishing, golf courses, and mountain zip lining.

6 Professional Sports and Canucks

If you follow hockey, then you have heard of the well-known and famous Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks have been in the Stanley Cup Finals three times. They are extremely popular in both Vancouver and all through Canada. If you are traveling to Vancouver and wish for an authentic local experience, you cannot get much more authentic and realistic experience than watching the Canucks play at Rogers Arena in Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.

Though Canucks are not world famous yet, the Vancouver Whitecaps FC are one of Canada's finest Major League Soccer teams. Vancouver is also famous for holding the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Canadian Open golf competition, and the 2014 Women's World Cup.

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Tudor House Immigration Services is a structured Canadian immigration consulting firm with Immigration consultant for Canada and offices set throughout BC. Tudor House Immigration Services is proud and honored to serve clients in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo and more. If you are already settled in Canada, or if you are interested in moving here, they wish to be your partner on your immigration journey to their excellent country. To start the conversation, they provide a twenty minute call.

Tudor House Immigration Services focusses in Permanent Residence requests in the following paths:

1: Express Entry


3: Family Sponsorship

4: Temporary Residence. 

Generally, the toughest part about starting your immigration trip is making the correct choices with consults and representatives. At Tudor House Immigration Services, they are dedicated to help you start your immigration journey in a way that guarantees the best imaginable outcome in thirty days or less, so contact them now and obtain a valuable head start with the initial consultation

1: What is an RCIC?

RCIC is Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants who are professionally and skillfully trained, qualified immigration experts. Choosing an RCIC is an important step in accomplishing your long-term immigration goals and aims. 

2: Do You Require an Immigration Consultant to Immigrate to Canada?

For immigration to Canada, you don’t require the services of an immigration consultant. 

In Canada, everyone is treated equally, and you can always apply on your own too. All the forms you are required to fill are accessible for free on the Government of Canada’s Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees

3: Do Immigration Advisors Need to be authorized?

 Anyone giving guidance on immigration or representing you in your application should be certified to do so. If you decide to work together with an immigration advisor, it is very important that they are authorized to represent you.  

4: What are the Advantages of an Immigration Expert?

An immigration consultant makes the whole process of immigrating to Canada much stress-free and easier. Whether you are emigrating from overseas, applying for permanent residency, or if you are struggling to invite your close friends or relatives to join you in Canada, the certification and legal process can sometimes get complicated and difficult. 

Having an immigration consultant in Vancouver to help you understand and comprehend all the details can be extremely useful. In case, if you make a mistake, your request can be rejected or significantly delayed. Contracting someone who has extensive knowledge in the immigration field will make your job easier. It will surely increase your chances of a successful immigration procedure, whether it is for work, travel, study, business or personal motives.

5: Can I Apply for Numerous Immigration Streams

It depends on why you are immigrating because everyone’s immigration situation is not the same. That is why it is a great idea to give Tudor House Immigration Services a call for a quick twenty minute free discussion. 

They have the kind of immigration experience in the application process that can make your permanent Canadian residency dream a reality. All need to give us a phone call and tell us a little bit about your specific objectives. Our group of consultants will find a way to make the immigration process work best in your favor. They aim to make your experience in this process to be as smooth as possible, and the group of consultants will work day and night to ensure what you desire happens.

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Are you planning on moving to Canada? Leaving your country for any reason and relocating to another that you hardly know is never an easy decision to make. But if you’ve already made up your mind, you will want the whole process to go in a swift and smooth manner.

It is true that the process of immigrating can be significantly hard to comprehend and painfully detail-oriented, as well. It may be challenging for you to deal with it on your own – especially when you are moving from a country with a vastly different culture. In these circumstances, the best option is to turn to an immigration consultant for Canada. Here are some reasons that will show you why such help is necessary.

They Assist You in Avoiding Mistakes and Save Precious Time

There are so many people who submit their immigration applications without taking advice from an immigration consultant in Vancouver, BC. As a result, they encounter loads of hassle and long delays. Typically it happens when their applications are sent for comprehensive assessment. If Canadian immigration authorities come across some errors in someone’s application or believe they need further explanation regarding the applicant’s claims, they’re likely to send the application back.

In such cases, the applicant will either have to provide a proper clarification, or be asked to start the entire procedure from scratch. It can definitely cause extreme delays, which immigration applicants would naturally want to avoid. The best way to get an immigration application approved at the very first attempt is by checking with a professional consultant. After getting approved for immigration, the successful applicant will have to find place to live. This is where commercial real estate Vancouver experts can help you out.

They Assist You in Comprehending the Rules

You can apply for immigration on different grounds. Depending on the reason you choose, you will be bound to follow specific rules to complete the immigration application as well as send in documentation. Even though most of this information is accessible via the internet today, it is time-consuming for a layman to get their head around the long list of rules applicable to different immigration paths, and to select the best one for them. Once they have chosen the type of immigration, following the regulations concerning it involves another level of intricacies.

On the other hand, when you obtain comprehensive guidance from immigration consultants for Canada, you can have them assist you in understanding rules and regulations pertinent to your particular immigration application. These professionals are trained in using language that is easy to understand. If you have doubts or queries regarding rules or the process, they will assist you in gaining better understanding of them.

Fully Insured

Just like professionals in commercial real estate in Vancouver, BC it is mandatory for immigration consultants to get omissions and errors insurance. This covers applicants like you against diverse negligent actions, which might lead to financial loss. The insurance is advantageous for consultants and applicants alike.

Regulated, Educated and Well-Informed

In Canada, a person cannot become an immigration consultant overnight. As a matter of fact, an immigration consultant in Vancouver is required to complete an Immigration Consultant certificate program. This program trains and educates aspiring consultants on the various laws pertaining to immigration, along with appropriate procedures that involve submitting applications for immigration and citizenship in Canada. Furthermore, they get updated on a regular basis regarding new developments and information related to immigration.

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Selling your house is a huge decision – and one that you will certainly want to get the best price for. You usually have to go through an elaborate process when it comes to selling a house: the first crucial step is to list your house with me. There are some homeowners who do not give much attention to listings. However, it is through listings that many potential buyers will come to know that you are selling your property. Here is a list of different factors that help determine the right time to put your house on a listing.

Make Your Home Presentable  

Everyone wants to earn top dollar when they sell a house. To achieve that, however, you have to make yours presentable. It might require that you to invest some time and money in making repairs to your home. You may have to take care of insect infestations, in-built appliances that are not working properly, leaks, or any imminent environmental or safety hazard.

Apart from repair work, consider cosmetic modifications as well. These generally involve improving the landscape of your property, re-painting a living room or kitchen, and so forth. To cut a long story short, even the smallest efforts contributing to your house looking better than it currently does can increase its value. When attempting to sell your house, use the services of a professional listing agent in Vancouver.

Another crucial aspect to take care of before listing your house for sale is that it looks up-to-date with other houses located in the neighborhood. For instance, if every single house in the block is beautifully landscaped and furnished, it would be wise to invest some additional time and cash to do the same, before putting your house up for sale.

 The Best Day to Post on MLS

Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, works with hundreds and thousands of realtors to develop a virtual database of all houses that are up for sale. These realtors ask you to list your house with me. Real estate experts usually dispatch auto-generated emails to their customers based on the MLS listings on Fridays. So the house-offers that reach MLS right before those emails are sent are listed as the latest ones. Automatic MLS listings are often released in the early morning when there is not much internet traffic.

When potential buyers check their emails, these listings show up as the newest ones, catching the buyers’ attention the most. This is why 12 o’clock on a Friday night is the most appropriate time to post your homes on the MLS.. Now listing your home in the middle of night does not mean that you will have to stay up till midnight. You can create your home’s listing in advance and schedule the time when you want to post it.

Other Days

Fridays apparently offer benefits if you’re planning to get your house listed with the help of a proficient listing agent in Vancouver. However, it is quite feasible to list your house for sale on any other day of the week and still manage to sell it. But there is one day you have to be particularly careful of. Yes, you guessed it: good old Monday! On Mondays most individuals try to focus on the workweek ahead. That is why they are unlikely to shop for a new r home that day.

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With so many options available, finding residential or commercial real estate in Vancouver that satisfies your requirements can be a little daunting. It can turn even more cumbersome if you are not using the services of an experienced and reliable realtor. This post aims to guide you on how you can capitalize on

Negotiations Based on Facts and Not on Emotions

You might believe that you are the most levelheaded individual when you are discussing terms of agreement and the price with the seller of a property. But things can go out of hands faster than you think – even when negotiating on relatively trivial aspects of the deal.  Losing your cool over the owner’s refusal to paint the front wall of the living area because it looks worn can kill a really good offer.

In such matters, qualified agents of residential real estate services can tactfully request the owner on your behalf. Experts suggest that you divert the heat to professionals when it comes to dealing with complicated moments of negotiations. Real estate brokers are used to handling such situations; they are capable of calmly getting you through the negotiations.

Dealing with the Paperwork

If you have previously purchased a house or got a commercial real estate in Vancouver on rent, it is highly likely that you have a dedicated shelf somewhere in your home filled with documents involved in that particular transaction. It may include the initial written offer, the inked counteroffer, along with multiple files related to diverse repairs or renovations. It is not easy to handle all the paperwork on your own.

Therein lies the reason for hiring a proficient real estate broker. In most cases, offers as well as counteroffers must be made within an allotted period of time. The agents are well-trained, greatly reducing the chances of overlooking any critical document in the midst of securing a good commercial real estate deal for you in Vancouver.

Comprehensive Knowledge of Codes

It is imperative for you to be familiar with the rules and regulations of the city where you are searching for a home. The city codes help you know the privileges you can enjoy and the restrictions you have to be aware of when buying a house there. For instance, if you want to add another floor to your house, or build a fence around your backyard, you’ll have to check whether the city’s codes permit you to do so. Residential real estate services can inform you on matters pertaining to the city codes. By using their services on diverse matters related to building codes, etc., real estate brokers can save you time and money.

Finding Available Houses

It is easier to check out properties that are properly listed. But what about houses that are not advertised? Real estate agents usually know of potential deals that you would have missed otherwise, broadening the scope of your search.

Averting Last Minute Closing Complications

It can be a little tense when two parties are closing a commercial real estate Vancouver deal, as a significant amount of money is involved in such transactions. When closing a sale, it is always better to have a person that has vast experience of dealing with such matters on your side. They can vigilantly go through each and every minor detail that a layperson might ignore
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Are you trying to find Vancouver BC houses for rent or sale? Getting the right place to live is important since it is where you’ll be spending a significant amount of time. Following are some practical tips that will help you in successfully navigating the process of finding the best Vancouver house for sale or rent.  

Carefully Check the Property

These days, homeowners and landlords tend to upload photos of their properties to different online listing sites so that potential buyers or renters like you can get an idea of what they’re like. Even though homeowners post such photos with good intentions, they can be somewhat deceiving with respect to the size and cleanliness of their Vancouver houses for sale. Additionally, some landlords may be reluctant to show any sort of damage to their property. You should definitely visit the places you’re interested in, and find out whether such problems exist before signing the contract.

Paying a quick visit to the Vancouver rentals first can reveal how well the property is furnished and maintained. This way, you can determine the type of furniture that you will have to bring with yourself when you finally move in. Moreover, if you are an Vancouver immigrantion services and do not know much about the local neighborhoods, previewing the property and getting in touch with Vancouver immigration services can greatly assist you in this regard.

Do Not Be Afraid of Making Sacrifices

When hunting down Vancouver townhomes for rent, every individual jots down a list of features that are part of an ideal apartment, such as well lit, spacious, close to spots like downtown, schools and many more. At the same time, it is crucial to face the fact that there are hardly any Vancouver bc houses for rent that perfectly check all the boxes while staying in your budget. On top of it, there is an incessant cut-throat competition to get such perfect properties. Considering all these factors you’ll have to make up your mind to give up some desires.

Hustle When Necessary

Most of the Vancouver houses for sale stay listed for a couple of months at best. Some properties that are located in attractive locations and priced reasonably get occupied even faster. Therefore, make sure that you check the rental listings on a regular basis. Send out emails to as many prospects as possible. Try their phones if homeowners do not respond back to your emails.

Another good strategy that can surely assist you in finding your desired Vancouver rentals is getting the services of real estate brokers. These experts have extensive knowledge regarding the houses that are currently open for rent or sale. You can contact them and share all of your requirements. The professional realtors will bring you amazing deals in a surprisingly short time.

Know All of Your Rights

Buyers of a Vancouver house for sale or tenants are bound to sign a contract. This agreement outlines different rights and responsibilities of both parties, such as the amount of sale or rent, security deposits etc. Vigilantly go through each provision of the agreement in order to avoid any complications in the future.

If you are doing anything like this for the very first time in your life, it would be a bit risky to sign an agreement without the supervision of any professional who has experience in the relevant field. In this scenario, you might need Vancouver immigration services to be on the safe side. Realtors have the skills and knowledge of how agreements for Vancouver townhomes for rent are drafted and which points to include that will guard your personal interests.

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A lot of people dream of buying a home or a condo in Vancouver, BC. It would definitely feel great to own a place to call your own. However, it is also true that there are some aspects that make renting a condo a better option than buying your own house, or looking into condos for sale in Vancouver. The post aims to shed light upon such factors.

No Repair Bills or Maintenance Cost

One of the greatest benefits that you can enjoy as a renter is that you will not have to worry about repair bills or maintenance costs. When you get a property on rent, it is the responsibility of your landlord to take care of repairs, improvements and maintenance. For instance, if the roof of your condo starts to leak, or any appliance fails to function properly, you will have to contact your landlord who will get it fixed. On the contrary, if you’re looking for luxury homes for sale in Vancouver, note that as an owner, you’ll have to pay for maintenance work, which at times can get quite heavy on the pocket.

Access to Excellent Amenities

Another noteworthy monetary advantage of renting a condo over purchasing one is that you gain access to numerous amenities that you would otherwise have to pay more for. A lot of luxuries such as fitness centers or in-ground swimming pools often come as standard at mid-to-upscale condos for rent in Vancouver, BC without you having to pay additional charges. Condo owners, on the other hand, have to pay fees on a monthly basis to enjoy such amenities.

No Property Taxes

 The good news if you’re not looking into condos for sale in Vancouver is that you’ll avoid paying property tax! Even though there is a complicated method to calculate property tax, it’s basically determined on the basis of estimated worth of the property, along with the size of land.

Fixed Amount of Rent

The amount of rent that you are supposed to pay as a tenant is fixed as long as your lease agreement is valid. Yes, it is true that landlord has the prerogative to raise their property’s rent, but they can only do so after giving you a notice regarding it, in advance. This way you can re-arrange your finances knowing the amount of the raised rent that you’ll need to pay in the future.

Lower Costs of Utilities

Although houses vary in size, they are typically larger compared to condos. Consequently, heating or cooling them is much more expensive. Condos for rent in Vancouver BC are generally more compact, and their floors are planned efficiently  making them more affordable when it comes to  heating or even cooling the space as compared to a full-fledged house.

Easier to Downsize

A lot of people working in the trade sector are affected by weak global growth. By renting, people have the flexibility to move whenever they want a living space that is less expensive. Furthermore, the ability to downscale is particularly important for retirees who prefer a smaller, less costly alternative to live on their limited budget.

People cannot do this by owning luxury homes for sale in Vancouver. The reason behind it is that it is not very easy to sell a large house at the price you demand that, too, in an economy that is constantly deteriorating. Recovering money that you have invested in the form of renovations would be challenging, as well.
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When people decide to make substantial investments, they usually restrict themselves to residential options, or invest in stocks and bonds. While investing money in the residential real estate services or stock market is not a bad idea, you miss out on a massive opportunity ignoring the commercial property sector. Following are the top ten benefits that you can reap when you invest money in commercial properties in Canada.

Potential for Generating More Income

When you put your money in buying a property that supports only single housing, it will incur a 100% loss on income when the property gets vacated. On the contrary, in case of multiple occupancy commercial buildings, the risk of losing income is substantially lower in terms of vacancies. If one tenant leaves, there will always be some other in your commercial properties in Canada still making contribution to cover your major operating costs. Consequently, a commercial property will get you a greater return on investment (ROI) annually, compared to other options like stock dividends that generally yield anywhere from two to three percent of annual return. This range is considerably higher for commercial real estate in Vancouver. Another important tip to keep in mind is that apartment buildings and multi-housing properties usually offer lower returns relative to office spaces in the suburbs.

Incredible Appreciation Value

Investment options, such as stock, merely let you purchase or sell according to the market. On the other hand, the owners of commercial properties get the unique opportunity to invest in the renovation and improvement of their property to exponentially increase its overall value.

You only have to follow regulations and get the necessary approval from the local government to make improvements on your property. As the owner of a commercial real estate property in Vancouver, you can modernize or overhaul the whole place, restyle interior or exterior or raise rents. Inflation also plays an integral role in increasing the worth of your property.

Regular Stream of Income

In the case of stocks, you can rarely be sure when you will receive the dividends. However, commercial properties usually involve leasing that brings cash on a regular basis.

Tax Benefits

There are very few types of investment that provide you with a variety of tax benefits. Fortunately, investing in commercial properties, such as commercial real estate in Vancouver, is one of them. The two most notable benefits are deduction on mortgage interest and the deduction on depreciation.

Less Competition

The residential market has cut-throat competition. Another party can close the deal if you show even a little a bit of laziness. Things are relatively gentler in the commercial property sector.

Opportunity to Leverage

When you own a commercial real estate Vancouver, it enables you to secure a massive loan against your property. You can use this loan to purchase even more commercial buildings.

 Ability to Use in Multiple Ways

You can offer commercial real estate to residents or enterprises. This way, you can target more people, which you can’t in case of residential real estate investment.

A Proud Owner

By utilizing residential real estate services, there are a lot of people who own residential properties. But when it comes to commercial buildings, there are significantly fewer individuals who own them; you will be one of them.

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